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Lag Baomer

PLAYLIST Lag Baomer (playlist beneath the article) Lag ba-Omer (33rd day of the Omer) is a minor holiday of the Jewish calendar celebrated on the 18th of Iyyar, between Passover and (…) Read more

Jewish mothers

The stereotype of the Jewish mother has fed generations of psychoanalysts and inspired many autobiographic and satiric books. The following playlist is a tribute to all Jewish mothers. The (…) Read more

Purim 2nd part

Playlist on Purim The word « purim » comes from the accadian word « pur » which means « to draw lots »... Read more


PLAYLIST The waltz: a musical genre appreciated by Jewish composers. Read more

Music and the Holocaust part 2

PLAYLIST From 1942 to 1945, the concentration camp of Theresienstadt (Terezin) had an intense musical activity, encouraged by the Nazis for propaganda. Read more

Jewish cradle songs part 2

PLAYLIST Mothers sing cradle songs since the beginning of times... The words and melody of a cradle song aim to soothe and calm the child in order for him to sleep well. By the singing, a close (…) Read more

Chassidic music

The emergence of the hassidic movement in Podolia, during the 2nd half of the 18th century, came along with the creation of a new way of singing, half way between religious and popular music. You (…) Read more

Tu BiShvat

PLAYLIST The holiday Tu BiShvat is defined in the Mishna as the « New Year of the Trees » Read more

Music of Yiddish theaters and cabarets

Many cultural and musical events went on in Paris as soon as the beginning of the 19th century. There were Yiddish theaters, like the Théâtre de la République, also called Théâtre Lancry, Théâtre de (…) Read more