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Radio shows from the EIJM

Music from Passover seder – journey into the musical traditions of Passover

The cantor and rabbi Jacques Arnold explain the meanings different of the different prayers (...)

The Purim Shpil


Fernand Halphen, a Jewish composer in the Great War

RADIO PROGRAM by the European Institute for Jewish Music hosted by Hervé Roten, with Laure (...)


Discovering Jewish music: a conference by Hervé Roten

On May 3rd 2017 at 7 pm in the synagogue of Bordeaux, Hervé Roten will hold a conference on (...)

Marc-Alain Ouaknin invites Hervé Roten on his radio show « Talmudiques » broadcasted on France Culture

Radion Program on April 9 and 16 2017, from 9h10 am to 9h42 am. The blooming encounters of (...)

Centennial of the passing of Fernand Halphen

For the centennial year of the passing of Fernand Halphen (1872 - 1917), several events will (...)

Books, Articles, Biographies

The Judeo-Portuguese musical traditions in France

SPECIAL PROMOTION until June 30th 2017: 9,90 € instead of 20 € (delivery cost not included), on (...)

Emile Waldteufel (1837 - 1915)

Born into a Jewish family of Strasbourg, Emile Waldteufel was the favorite composer of empress (...)
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Sheet music

EIJM’s editions release 10 new music scores.

10 new music scores by Fernand Halphen and Serge Kaufman complete the EIJM’s (...)

Musical scores of Fernand Halphen and Reynaldo Hahn now available for sale

The publishing house of the European Institute for Jewish Music have released three new (...)

Release of twenty scores from Serge Kaufmann by the Editions de l’IEMJ

Composer, journalist, producer for radio and television and filmmaker, Serge Kaufman has (...)
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Concert of Pessah 2012 in Copernic’s synagogue

Here are a few excerpts of a Pessah concert which took place in 2012 in Copernic’s (...)

Children’s songs

PLAYLIST Children’s songs

Jewish mothers

The stereotype of the Jewish mother has fed generations of psychoanalysts and inspired many (...)

Images, Videos

Concert of Pessah 2012 in Copernic’s synagogue

Here are a few excerpts of a Pessah concert which took place in 2012 in Copernic’s (...)

Concert de Pessa’h 2012 à Copernic

Nous vous proposons de visionner quelques extraits du concert de Pessa’h, qui a eu lieu en 2012, (...)

Paper archives

Conservation and digitalization of synagogue music archives

The transmission of synagogue music through scores and notation began in France in the (...)

Sauvegarde et numérisation des archives musicales synagogales

Longtemps transmises par l’oralité, les musiques synagogales ont commencées à être notées en France (...)