La source de vie : Nancy’s heritage

Overview about the music of Jews from the town of Nancy, in Josy Eisenberg’s TV show, directed bu Pascale Kenigsberg-Cahen and broadcasted in 2001 on French (…) Read more

Binn, Sylvain (1911-1999)

Sylvain Binn is born in Luxembourg on March 8th 1911. His father, Salomon Binn, native of Lithuania, was a cantor in the Jewish community of Luxembourg. His mother, Sidonie Guggenheim, was native (…) Read more

Metz : The revival

In French. Excerpt of a concert filmed in the synagogue of Metz, for the French TV show "La source de vie" produced by Josy Eisenberg and directed by Pascale Kenigsberg-Cahen in April (…) Read more

The musical traditions of the Jews from Alsace-Lorraine region.

Each community has its own minhagim (customs). The hazan (cantor), spokesman of his community leads the worshippers into the prayer... Read more

Judeo-French music from the 18th and 19th century

From the collection MUSICAL HERITAGE OF THE JEWS FROM FRANCE, vol 2 In the 18th century, the Jewish people are gathered in three major spots: the Comtat Venaissin, the South West of France and (…) Read more